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Elisha Catherine Turner

July 26, 1985 - January 30, 2019

Augusta, GA- Elisha Catherine Turner, 33, passed away in her sleep on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 after a lifetime of suffering from juvenile diabetes and epilepsy.

Elisha was affectionately known as “Petunia”. As a child, she followed her big sister, Mary Leigh, everywhere. She enjoyed her dogs, ducks, bird and the wild creatures that visited her. Her hobbies were cooking, working in her garden, knitting, crocheting, and puzzle books. She always looked forward to spending time with her friends in the Augusta YAM Group. She enjoyed singing and serving as an acolyte. She selflessly served sick and heartbroken people. Elisha brought peace and joy to everyone. She loved her family unconditionally.

Her favorite saying was: "Never keep a record of wrongs".

Surviving family members include parents: The Rev. Dennis and Jean Turner; and sisters: Mary Leigh Pratt and Hilary Turner.

A private memorial service will be held. Please contact the family for details.

Online condolences may be expressed at www.arlingtonfuneral.com

Arlington Burial & Cremation, 1220 George C. Wilson Dr., Suite C, Augusta, GA 30909, 762-994-0311

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May your memory be eternal, dear Elisha. Chuck and Candace
Chuck and Candace Erber - February 14 at 1:25 PM
She was a very loving big sister i remember the days we walked to elementary school together and movies and tv show we watched together these were some good times and songs we sing together. I love and miss you so much i will all think about the good times we had together
Hilary conn - February 9 at 9:52 PM
I remember so many fun sleep overs with you and her?? Barbie dolls and American Girls, playing in the mini house (made for girls) outside and giggling late at night???? She will be missed and my heart is broken for you?? Yet I am glad she is home in heaven with her creator and she has no more earthly problems to deal with. I love you MJ and family????
Sarah Russell Anderson - February 9 at 9:33 PM
She liked to swim too. But she was always weirded out by anybody getting too close to her. And she was also a firm believer that Jaws lived in the deep end of our swimming pool. And I too shared in this belief. She was so excited when Jennifer Lopez’s butt was worth so much money. Elisha had some junk in her trunk and she liked to turn on good music and shake that thing. She wanted to be a Fly Girl like J.Lo when she grew up, but we knew our mother would never let us be Fly Girls -- their hoop earrings were too big! But she was a huge fan of "The Wedding Planner" and even owned all Jennifer Lopez's albums. Who would have thought that our quiet little Elisha was so cool!
Maryleigh Pratt - February 9 at 8:55 PM
Her FAVOURITE song ever on TRL was “Believe” by Cher. In her later years she totally betray me by deciding that she LOVED Taylor Swift of all things! That I, her angsty punk rock sister who tried to get her to like The Ramones! That she would dare like Taylor Swift! I am sitting here with tears of glee as I write this. She is the only person in the world other than Hilary and myself that knows the ‘hidden treasure’ spot was always under the sandbox in our backyard. She and I went to the prom together, she went with this boy she had a crush on and I went with my best friend (ok, and then there was that weirdo I was dating at the time) and she held MY hand when we went to that dance and she felt like Cinderella while they played her favorite Goo-Goo Dolls song “Iris.” I was there for all of that.
Maryleigh Pratt - February 9 at 8:53 PM
Our hearts break as we continue to pray for your family! She was beautiful and loving and kind and as mentioned she had a heart for those less fortunate. We talked the last time I saw her and she was enjoying her time - as she said - just being a "regular" person - riding around with Priscilla and listening to the Christian Radio - possibly a little louder than normal - and talking "girl" talk! I asked her what girl talk was and she just smiled! Sharing her heart - she was certainly a blessing! Prayers for family and prayers as you remember the joy she received from living in your home and being loved on as the daughter she was. She loved you two unconditionally. She also mentioned how thankful she was for the two of you - Dennis and Jean!
JUDITH FEARNEYHOUGH - February 7 at 7:59 AM
Dennis and Jean, we are heartbroken over your loss. Elisha was a beautiful young woman and a tribute to you both. Lisa and I are praying for you both.
Albert Osborn - February 6 at 11:34 AM
Your entire family is being held in our thoughts and prayers.
Jim & Pat Banks - February 5 at 2:06 PM
She was my favorite person ever. I am so glad I got to grow up with her!
Maryleigh Pratt - February 5 at 1:55 PM