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Casket Price List

The prices are effective as of February 1, 2019, but are subject to change without notice. To assist you in identifying a casket, we have a Casket Price Card on each casket. The name of the casket and the price will correspond with this list.

Golden Sand* $4,995

Stainless Steel, Exterior Brushed Stainless, Champagne Velvet Interior 

Golden Granite $4,595

18 ga Steel, Exterior Brushed Finish, Champagne Velvet Interior

Woodhaven Pecan $4,095

Exterior Finish Natural, Champagne Velvet Interior

Opal $4,095

18 ga Steel, Exterior Dark Grey, Light Grey Velvet Interior

Onyx $3,595

18 ga Steel, Exterior Black w/Silver Brushed Finish, Silver Crepe Interior

Cashmere $3,595

18 ga Steel, Golden Exterior Finish, Champagne Sierra Interior

Primrose* $3,295

18 ga Steel, Exterior White Shaded Pink, Moss Pink Crepe Interior

Platinum* $3,295

18ga Steel, Exterior Silver Color, Ivory Velvet Interior

Claret* $2,995

18 ga Steel, Exterior Maroon Finish, Woven Ivory Interior


Franklin Silver $2,995

18ga Steel, Exterior Color Silver, Silver Crepe Interior

Ivory Gold $2,695

28" 20 ga Steel, Exterior White Finish, Ivory Crepe Interior

Virgo Blue* $2,295

18 ga. Steel, Exterior Dark Blue Finish, Light Blue Crepe Interior

Aries Silver $1,995

20 ga Steel, Exterior Silver Finish, White Crepe Interior 

Gemini Copper* $1,695

20 ga Steel, Exterior Copper Color, Rosetan Crepe Interior Availalbe in other colors.

Apollo $1,295

20ga Steel, Exterior Flat Black Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior Availalbe in other colors.

Grey Oval Top $995

Cloth Covered Fiberboard, Exterior Color Grey, Ivory Crepe Interior

Gray Flat Top $695

Cloth Covered Fiberboard, Exterior Color Grey, Ivory Crepe Interior


Cremation and Ceremonial Caskets

Taylor $1,295

Hardboard Cremation Container, Rosetan Crepe Interior

Shaker $895

Engineered Pine, Light Exterior Finish, Ivory Crepe Interior with Handles

Standard Brown $495

Fiberboard Alternative Container, Dark Exterior Finish

Baden $295

Cardboard Cremation Casket, Green Exterior Finish

Basic $75

Cardboard Cremation Casket

Ceremonial Casket $895

Beckham, Rental Casket, Solid Oak, Medium Exterior Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior

Although certain caskets offered for sale by this funeral establishment may be of better quality construction and comprised of more durable material than others, neither this funeral establishment nor any of its employees represents or implies any casket will be air tight or water tight or will provide long-term preservation of human remains.

*Full size caskets on the selection room floor.