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Jackie Dodd

November 21, 1962 - October 14, 2020

We are saddened to announce the passing of Jackie M. Dodd, of Augusta GA, on October 14, 2020. Jackie was a character her entire life. What she lacked in physical statue, she more than made up for with quick wit, tenacious personality, and stubborn charm. She met her husband, Paul Dodd, while working at a hospital at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio during 1980. He would constantly need “supplies” from her department, which was a thinly veiled excuse to see her. Jackie described her life with Paul as the perfect marriage.

Married for 40 years, they travelled the world together while Paul served in the Air Force. They had two children together, Christopher Dodd and Joshua Dodd. Jackie raised her children with values she thought we both important and would serve them well as they got older. This included a curiosity and hunger for knowledge, a willingness to ask questions, and a resourcefulness to find beauty and interest in the mundane. As her children matured, Jackie’s fierce but loving personality crafted them into adults, where they eventually married themselves.

Jackie was stubborn, but also carefree. She stood firm where her ideologies said and would fight to the ends of the world for any cause she deemed worthy. Jackie’s famous saying, which rings true with her children to this day, “If you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything” is a testament to her deeply held beliefs and strength. This, of course, is punctuated by her love of crafting, quilting, and caring for others. Jackie loved to travel, seeing natural beauty in the smokey mountains, or Floridian beaches. She has many photos of her children in the Texas Blue Bonnets.

When her children were young, she made up a game to teach them how to count while also completing a much-needed chore- whoever collected the most Cicada shells won. While unusual at first, Christopher and Joshua loved the game and now as an adult, Joshua keeps a cicada framed on his wall as a fond memory. Once her own children were grown, Jackie’s love of nurturing and educating youth never stopped. She immediately took her nieces’ and nephews’ children under her wings. Even in poor health, she would teach them basic science, counting, colors, and most importantly crafting. She loved children, and never stopped smiling when spending time with them.

Jackie’s legacy is long lived, exuberant, and much like her, feisty. She is survived by her husband Paul Dodd, Son Christopher Dodd, Daughter in Law Lindsey Dodd, Son Joshua Hernandez Dodd, and Son in Law Brian Hernandez Dodd. They carry on her tenacity, sarcasm, and wit to the world with the love and support they always received from her.

Goodbye Mom, we love you very much.

Jackie never wanted a large ceremony, so in lieu of flowers or funeral there will be an intimate memorial service for the family.

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